Engagement Season

This is the time of year that everyone seems to be getting engaged. Either you did recently, know of someone who did over the holidays or maybe are looking toward the holiday of love to pop the question.
I love the transition a couple goes through at this point in their relationship. The idea of taking the love they have and committing to explore it for the rest of their lives. Its a huge step - full of romance, anticipation, joy and excitement. Then comes the planning. The venues, photographer, florist, etc. In the midst of it all, it can be easy to forget that this is not just a wedding that is being planned but a marriage.
I encourage you to consider what you are doing to plan for your marriage. And if you know someone who is engaged, what are you doing to help them in this.
Whether its reading a book together, going on a marriage retreat, developing a marriage plan or a team of support or taking the time for Marriage Preparation, remember that marriage is for the long haul - and not just one day. So, if you're getting marriage - have a blast planning, but set some time aside for preparing for marriage too. If you know someone who's getting married, ask them what they are doing to prepare for this huge step - and offer to help. Perhaps you can mentor them, or offer a book or send them my way. I'd love to help.
Wanting to make sure marriage is the joy its meant to be,