Chocolate Dipped Bacon Roses - Really?

Is there a better way to say I love you than Chocolate Dipped Bacon Roses?
I decided to make some for my wife as we celebrated her this past weekend.
Why would I, some may ask?

Is it because there is no better way to say I love you? I think not.
Is it because they are the perfect metaphor for marriage: beautiful in their own way, sweet and salty, rich and fulfilling with a touch of bittersweetness? Don't think so.
Is it because my wife is infatuated with bacon? No - sure, she likes it, but it's not like she is a subscriber to 365daysofbacon or anything. (It's where I found the recipe.)

So why, when I had so much else to prepare for her party (and you can ask her - I pulled it off without her help - mostly), did I take time to make these?

1. Mainly because it was a little thing. John Gottman tells us that it is the little things that make a difference. It is the little things we do for our partner that says we care about them, that we know them and want to please them. Find out what your partner loves and look for little ways to surprise them and you'll both be better off.

2. Also because it was something different; something that we will remember. As one friend said that night about the roses, "I'm not sure whether to be impressed or disturbed." Either way, they will be a fun memory of my love for my wife.

And surprise, surprise, they taste great. She did have one - and said as much.

by the way - i have some stems available for anyone who wants them...