Summer Loving: Intentional Ideas for Marriage and Family

Summer has come and the change of schedule seeks to enliven us and wear us down all at the same time.

When will these kids go to bed?
How can we meet everyone's expectations for the summer?
Just how many toys can be out at one time around the house?

To seek to do more than survive the summer we're doing a few things, attempting to thrive, as a family and as a couple.

1) We've made a bucket list of the things we would like to accomplish/ experience as a family and have begun to prioritize which we can do and schedule them (everyone was open to brainstorm all options).

2) Hannah and I looked at various date night options that we'd love to experience together (including free public lectures, dancing in the park, concerts, museums, movie nights- outdoor and indoor, house
parties, etc), chose a bunch of them and emailed the dates out to our group of our friends/ babysitters.

3) We've also taken the opportunity of a little more relaxed schedule to book a few sessions with our marriage counsellor for a tuneup.

4) We have also intentionally planned to stick around a lot of the summer for a staycation and have down time.

As John Gottman says, sometimes `it is the small things done often that make the most difference in a relationship.`

Making a little extra time and space for each other - living life to the full, without over-scheduling. 

Hopefully we`ll end up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, much more connected as a family and as a couple.

We`ll let you know.