An Arcade Fire Marriage

The latest release from Arcade Fire has me thinking about marriage.
Not that they have a lot of songs that you'd necessarily play at your wedding, though I think a few would fit very well in a vow renewal.

Reflektor shows a depth and complexity that reflects the whole of our lives, including marriage. As the band first began its crazy journey to indie/mainstream success, the lead couple of the band, Win Butler and Regine Chassagne were married. I can't imagine what their marriage must be like - (of course, I can't really imagine what anyone else's marriage is like.)

Though it was drummer Jeremy Gara, in an interview with Jian Gomeshii on CBC's Q, who brought up marriage. When asked what success looks like for them, now that they're 4 albums and 10 years in, Jeremy responded simply: "Happily Married. Honestly. Like, feel good at home."
He explained how, yes, they work hard on their music - but its the balance of things that's most important.

Maybe this is why in certain songs of theirs you can find themes of the complexities of marriage and hear so much hope in the midst of reality.

Go ahead and give Afterlife a listen (and a great watch with this stage show performance).

And after this
Can it last another night?
After all the bad advice
Had nothing at all to do with life
I've gotta know
Can we work it out?
Scream and shout 'till we work it out?
Can we just work it out?
Scream and shout 'till we work it out?
But you say
When love is gone
Where does it go?