Marriage Makes You Happy, But Offers So Much More

I had the opportunity to be a part of over 50 weddings and vow renewals on Valentine's Day 2015 through Young Hip & Married. It was a day of joy and love filled the air as the crowds around cheered on every couple that spoke vows of commitment to each other and sealed their love with a kiss.
Many of the couples that came that day had been together many years but came to commit themselves in this official way.
The act of commitment for life speaks volumes on a day that glorifies romance.

What makes a couple make this commitment?

The Sun's Coverage of the Day
One study released in December shows that those who marry actually are happier than those who do not. And though often short term happiness leads to disappointment as expectations are not met and frustrations develop, studies have shown us that couples who stick with each other for a few years through the hard times, are happier in the end Pew Center).

In addition to happiness, this article from Newsweek explains that marriage offers stability that leads to better health, longer life and even appears to offer higher incomes. Yet, the greatest gift marriage offers is stability for our children and the happiness that comes with a secure family; psychological, social and emotional.

I have no doubt that marriage pushes and tests us. I let every couple I do a wedding for know that they will be challenged in their marriage; their weakness and selfishness will fight against it. The greatest gift marriage offers us is to teach us what it really means to truly love someone. Something that is hard to learn until you are faced with someone in your life 24/7.

If you are in a marriage and struggling, remember, there is a happiness on the other side of the struggle. A good place to start might be with what Dr. John Gottman says is one of the most important things you can do in your marriage. He explains it clearly in this video.

If you are doubting that marriage is right for you, know that it offers joy and happiness, but that it comes in a complex package, not a fairy tale. Perhaps you're in round two. You don't have to give up, but look at marriage with a new perspective.

If you are expecting marriage to be the answer to all your life's woes, please know that you will find fulfillment in marriage, but be open to the challenge it brings. As you learn what it means to truly love, you will find a fulfillment that is greater than you hoped for.

Romance is a wonderful thing, but it's not love, only a part of it.