My name is Randy Hamm and I would love to help you with one of the most important relationships in your life.

Whether you are considering marriage, engaged or already married, bringing along a coach or mentor is a great thing to do.

We will use the Prepare/Enrich Assessment to facilitate your sessions, ensuring that you cover all the necessary areas of your marriage. 
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There will be frank, practical discussion regarding your expectations and issues within your relationship, including your strengths, growth areas and ways to move forward toward the goals of your relationship. 

I'm excited to be working alongside Young Hip & Married as one of their coaches. 
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If you are interested in the training for Marriage Mentors or the Prepare/Enrich check out my Training page

What recent couples have to say:
"The sessions helped us practice communicating with each other in general. It also led us to talk about subjects that we may not have thought about talking about previously and also helped us communicate our expectations about different things to each other which is helpful to manage expectations and not have surprises later on. "

"Randy was really easy to connect with and I felt really comfortable opening up.  I wouldn't have Randy change anything."

"Randy did a great job. He was relaxed and put us at ease, yet he was very punctual and made sure we went through all the material. He brought our disagreements and weaknesses out and showed them to us graciously. I appreciated his honesty, and willingness to share about his own marriage and lessons learned along the way."

"Randy is very friendly, and he made us feel comfortable discussing our answers. His sense of humor and honesty helped us to feel free to be vulnerable. He presents himself as a real person (someone who also needs mentoring and accountability), and I did not feel intimidated or afraid to answer about things I need to improve in my own life and relationship. I am very thankful that he was our mentor."

"I thought it was great because our mentor shared our answers at our meetings, compared them, and encouraged us to talk about our differences and points in common. It was good to answer questions that I would not normally think of, and to see areas where I need to grow. I also noticed some areas where I should be more caring and patient with my fiancé, since we are different."