The Whole Package -Premarital Sessions $497 
5.5 Hours of Mentoring/Coaching
To explore each of the main areas of your relationship will take at least 3 sessions. We will start with a one hour overview and follow that up with 2-3 sessions depending how we break up the time. In each of these sessions you will be given tools to strengthen your relationship.
This includes the PREPARE or ENRICH inventory, which you both fill out online. You will receive a couple report charting your relationship including stress levels, family & couple maps, relational dynamics, ten core relationship areas and personality assessments.

Give me a Taste Package = $97
A great starter option for those who are not sure they want the whole package.
This includes the PREPARE or ENRICH inventory, which you both fill out online, as well as a 1 hour session with Randy where you will discuss the Strengths and Growth Areas in your relationship and how you can prepare for, or strengthen, your life together. You will also receive the couple report as above.
(This is a great gift option for a couple you care about. Please contact me if you have questions regarding this. If they wish to continue with further sessions I will credit this amount toward their overall package.)

Coaching/Mentoring = $147/hr
I am happy to meet with you to talk over your situation, whether you are single, dating, engaged or married and in need of advice, mediation or finding some perspective. We'll connect in a convenient place for you and talk about a plan that will get you where you want to go.
(This is also the cost of any additional hours above the packages.)

Please email me directly or go to the coaching page at for more info.