What to Expect

Let's meet over tea or coffee and see if this is a good fit. I offer a free 20 minute consultation in person or over the phone. Then we can decide how I can best help you out and if this is indeed what you've been looking for!

Usually, you will then fill out the Prepare/Enrich Assessment online.
When you are done, we will meet to discuss the results of the assessment at a convenient location for you, at your place or a coffee shop nearby. 

If you want the Whole Package, we'll go over these results over 5.5 hours of sessions. Otherwise we'll do an overview assessment in a 1 hour session.
We'll talk through each of the following areas briefly:
  Strength and Growth Areas
  Conflict Resolution
  Finances & Budgeting
  Family of Origin

We'll discuss the options to take these topics further, setting up a plan for your marriage
I will facilitate your discussion; listening, counseling and guiding conversation to set a solid foundation for your marriage.

Dating or Engaged
Studies have shown that premarital counseling has an immediate and long-lasting effect on your relationship. Sometimes it's best to do this before you've even decided to get married. It will confirm where you are at and let you move forward with confidence.

Premarital Counseling/ Mentoring/ Coaching Can Help You:
Reduce stress in the pre-wedding period
Identify and resolve issues of conflict
Prevent negative relationship patterns
Communicate as a couple more effectively
Express emotions in a way that your spouse can understand

Look beyond your wedding to the marriage that follows.

Marriage Enrichment
'For in the first place, love convinces a couple that they are the greatest romance that has ever been, that no two people have ever loved as they do, and that they will sacrifice absolutely anything in order to be together. And then marriage asks them to prove it.'  - Mike Mason

Every marriage could use some objective conversation to figure out what is working well and what could use some help. If you sense that you marriage could use a check up, please let me know.

I'd be happy to meet you for coffee to determine if you'd like to go ahead with some simple mentoring to maximize your marriage or even the Enrich Assessment. It is an online inventory that we would then meet to discuss.